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codemantra, powered with AI capabilities intelligently processes documents to capture relevant data by converting unstructured and semi-structured documents into structured documents and enabling end-to-end automation.

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Nonprofits are creating a higher impact in today's world across various segments such as eradication of poverty & hunger, support for art & museums to healthcare, and even education. Solutions that are on-demand, anytime, anywhere that is continuous and integrated across all channels are leveraged to scale the positive impact nonprofits create globally. codemantra is helping nonprofits automate their content lifecycle, improve accessibility compliance and help drive better outcomes at a lower cost with these solutions.

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Over the years, codemantra has worked with Museums, Art Galleries, 501(c) Organizations and other nonprofits around the world to fast-track their digital journeys and leverages this knowledge to improve and broaden its solution delivery.

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